Why List Your Home Over The Winter?


Less Competition


Many vendors feel that they need to take their home off the market in the winter to avoid their listing going “stale” When these homes disappear off the market with the first flake of snow, yours is there ready for the January buyer.  Your competition lessens giving your home a chance to really stand out.


January - Most Popular Month For Job Transfers


Many corporations will have their employees transfer to another location right after the holidays. With fewer homes on the market, you have less competition and a great opportunity to really stand out.


Winter Buyers Are Serious Buyers


Many Vendors/Sellers would prefer to move in the spring, summer or fall.   For many reasons people have to move in the winter whether it is a job transfer, health reasons or change in marital status.  There are buyers for all seasons but your winter buyers are more motivated due to external factors.


Who Doesn’t Love The Holidays?


The holidays are a great time to showcase your home.   Buyers can really see what the holiday will look like if they choose to buy your house.  Use this season to go above and beyond and really highlight what the holidays can be for them!


Timing Is Everything

In our market today, it is taking between 2-3 months to sell.  Listing over the winter gives you that time to showcase your home and aim to be moving out by the spring.  With spring will come a new onslaught of new home listings.  Get sold before this happens.



Most agents and their offices have less inventory over the winter.  Your home can be advertised more often and get more specialized attention.



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