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10-350 Rutherford Rd South
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Office: 905-450-8300
Direct: 416-708-0150
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How Does A School District Affect The Value of Your Home?!

How your home can save you at tax time

Your home—and the mortgage you carry—is the single largest investment you will probably make. The good news is you can also save money at tax time with these 7 tips. 1) Sell, make a profit, and don’t pay a nickel in taxes. Most people are already aware that any capital gain on the sale of your principal residence is considered tax-free profit. But in order to not step out of ...

Five Reasons That Home Ownership Is Great!

If you've been on the fence about home ownership, now is the time to take a leap! 1. Equity. When you pay rent, you never see that money again. It is lining the landlord's pocket. Yes, buying a home may come with some hefty initial costs (down payment, closing costs, inspections), but you will make that money back over time in equity built in the home. Historically, homes appreciate by about 4 ...

Buy..Sell..or Stay?

Buy..Sell..or ..STAY? Historically, one of the greatest allures of home ownership was that it represented a great way to build wealth. If you bought a house and hung on to it for 15 years, you could sell it for a huge profit. But now, in many parts of the world, instead of making money on their homes, people are losing a bundle. “Real estate is a two-headed hydra,” says Alan Silverstein, ...

Fast and Easy Home Evaluation

   Jones On Homes Evaluation By Fax  Owner(s) Name: ____________________________ Home Address: _______________________________________ Home Phone: _________________Cell ____________________ Type of Home: Detached______ Semi Detached _______ Townhouse______ Condo_______ Number of Bedrooms: _____Number of Bathrooms_____ Square Footage______ Lot Size: ____X____ Style ...

21 Tips To Sell Your Home!

21 TIPS TO SELL YOUR HOME! TO HELP YOUR HOME SELL FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY, ASK YOURSELF... From the outside, does anything need attention, e.g. painting or minor repairs, to make a good first impression? Do I need new door mats? Is there any landscaping or gardening to consider doing, such as reseeding a lawn? Do the windows and window screens work well and look good? Are major appliances ...

Home Ownership Incentive

Home Buyer Tax Credit The Government of Canada offers a non-refundable tax credit to help first-time buyers with some of their closing costs.  This Home Buyer Tax Credit (HBTC) will provide up to $750 in tax relief on the purchase of a first home.  The HBTC is calculated by multiplying the lowest personal income tax rate for the year (15 per cent in 2009) by $5,000.  For 2009, the ...

Knowledge is Power So... What is a Kilowatt Hour?

What Is a Kilowatt Hour? Your power utility measures electricity use in kilowatt hours, which is calculated by multiplying the wattage of a product by the number of hours it's in use. For Example: A 100-watt light bulb × 10 hours of use = 1000 watt hours, or 1 KWh and...  1 kWh of ENERGY SAVED could run a HOT SHOWER for THREE MINUTES 50 kWh of ENERGY SAVED could ...

Owning Your Own Power

There's a solar revolution going on and Germany is leading it - switching to solar energy faster than any other country in Europe. Energy experts estimate that in 40 years, Germany - one of the most industrialized countries in the world - will be entirely powered by clean energy. It seems like a miracle. But there is an explanation - it's called "standard offer contracts" - an agreement by the government ...

Defining Bad Credit

If you're looking for a bad credit loan/mortgage then you already know (or at least have a suspicion) that your credit is less than perfect. If you're like allot of people, you might not be exactly sure what this means or how credit is determined. Your credit rating is a numerical score that's given to you based upon reports from your previous creditors, who are the people who have issued you a credit ...