Tips For De-Cluttering Your Closet

                                  De-cluttering Your Closet

 De-cluttering a home is one of the most important steps in attracting potential homebuyers. However, don't think you can just shove everything into a closet and close the door. People look in closets, too.

Here are some tips to making the closet so neat and organized, people will think that there is more than enough room for storage:

  • Group like things together--suit jackets on wooden hangers, blouses, slacks, etc.
  • Colour block those groupings, either light to dark, or dark to light.
  • Match all hangers for a uniform look.
  • Keep closet floors clear.
  • If you have shelves, use matching baskets and make sure each one fits the space to maximize storage. Use them efficiently.
  • If you opt not to use baskets, "fold your clothes like Holt Renfrew does, "People don't want to see a ratty pile of 42 T-shirts or big, bulky sweaters bunched into a space that's too small. In fact, it's not bad to have a few empty shelves so it looks like you have more than enough space for your clothes."
  • If space is limited, use tiered hangers for pants and skirts.
  • Keep the space neat. Don't have any plastic bags or garment bags sticking out.
  • Only have "wearables" in closets. It's not the place to stick in the bulk-buy groceries, left-over Christmas ornaments, or golf ball stash.
  • For shoes, downsize--at least until the house sells. "If you must have them all, line them up on back walls out of view"--and only display the "beauty shoes"
  • "No smelly runners. It's all about presentation."
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