Why The Winter Could Be The Best Time To Sell Your Home

If you have been thinking about putting your home up for sale, dollars to donuts you are thinking about holding out until the Spring...  Makes sense right?  I mean, year after year the Spring is when the market seems to heat up?!

Now... What if I suggested that putting your house up for sale NOW  vs. waiting until the Spring (like everyone else) may be an even better idea?  

Let me tell you TWO very good reasons why...  It may just change the way you think about the Spring Market!!


Reason #1 - Hungry Buyers!!

The truth is, there are just fewer homes on the market in the Winter months for Buyers to choose from!   Buyers know that when a home does hit the market, they have to move on it because it could be several weeks before another home that matches their search criteria even becomes available!  And lets face it... Buyer's who are willing to brave the winter elements, especially this year, through snow and sleet and Arctic temperatures.. are SERIOUS Buyers!   EXACTLY what you need!


Reason #2 - Less Competition!!

Spring is historically the busiest season for house listings, with the number of house listings increasing right after March Break and peaking in April / May.   So while yes, Spring is the busiest season, it may not always translate into a positive result for Sellers.    Why you ask?  Well, the reason is simple.   Increased housing supply, means that Buyers now have MORE inventory to choose from, which allows them to become more choosy.    Sellers then, have more Sellers to compete against for the right Buyer!  Make sense?


Lets talk about how I can help you ready your home for sale and start collecting Buyers before it even hits the market, and build an action plan for getting your home SOLD!


Jennifer Laliberte

Jennifer Laliberte

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