Free Energy Upgrades

Efficiency Nova Scotia is now offering a program for residents of Dartmouth and Cole Harbour. The Residential Direct Install of Efficient Products (RDIEP) program is being administered by Clean Nova Scotia and is free of charge for all homeowners and renters in this area.


 This is a fantastic service where residents receive a free installation of free energy efficient products to help save money on their power bill, such as:

 • CFL bulbs

• low flow shower heads

• faucet aerators

• insulating wrap for electrically heated hot water tanks and hot water pipes

 Our friendly and knowledgeable staff come to the home to install these products. Switching to these products can save up to $160/year on your power bill.

 Here are some fun facts for you:

 • According to StatsCan, in 2007 a typical household in Nova Scotia consumed an average of 10,833 kWh of electricity yearly;

 • From January to October 2012 alone, the RDIEP program has removed 16,059,114 kWh off of the grid through the installation of these efficient products - that is the equivalent of removing 1,482 households!

 All you need to do to book an appointment or to find out more is to call this number:

 1-888-281-0004 or Contacting Jamie Beckershoff at 902-471-2323

 This free service is also available to all students, seniors and low-income households across the province, as well as select communities. Halifax has not been opened at this time, but anyone living in Dartmouth or Cole Harbour can participate.

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