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Jeremy Levitt

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CENTURY 21 Tremblant
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#1 in Quebec and Top 10 in Canada GRAND CENTURION Producer 2011

  • 2012 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2011 - #10 Producer by Production in Canada
  • 2011 - GRAND CENTURION® Producer
  • 2010 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2008 - Masters Silver

Vast Experience and Proven Results

Whether you're interested in purchasing a new property or selling your existing one, it will be my pleasure to discuss the possibilities and share my wealth of knowledge with you.  As Sales Representative for Century 21, I have implemented some of the world’s most comprehensive and creative marketing strategies.  With an extensive background in sales, education, motivation and marketing I offer a unique formula that has proven to bring results. My greatest honor to date was being recognized as the number 1 Sales Representative in Quebec and Top 10 in Canada for the Century 21 organization (consisting of over 8500 candidates).  Since then, I have shared my continued success with thousands of clients. Please continue reading to discover my personalized approach to helping you meet your needs...



Visibility, Visibility...and more Visibility!

Listing a property involves far more than signing a contract and placing a "For Sale" sign. Attracting qualified buyers and maintaining buyer interest is a challenging task and one that requires a tool box of skills, as well as an array of professional and personal attributes. In considering me as a candidate for selling your property, I can assure you that you will receive the highest level of professionalism and commitment.

As a Real Estate Broker who specializes in the Laurentain region, I can firmly claim that there is no other Real Estate Broker in my region that promotes each and every property listing with the same frequency, exposure and quality on a worldwide basis as I do.  The task of selling your property is a responsibility that I take very serious.  My marketing plan extends far beyond the local and regional level and incorporates affiliations with some of the largest internet and print media. When we meet to discuss the sale of your property, I will provide you with numerous examples of publicity, a detailed outline of my worldwide internet strategy and a personalized marketing plan specific to your property. I do not stop marketing your property until it sells. If I need to double my campaign to sell it, then I will do so up until the point that it sells!

 Communication is Key

I provide you with monthly updates pertaining to the progress of the sale of your property.  These reports provide a detailed list of statistics based on the number of people that have visited your property through our internet campaigns, the frequency and feedback from actual visits, and a copy of all hard copy publicity that your property appeared in for the month.

 I look forward to meeting with you in the near future and expanding upon the above points. I am confident that you will be pleased with what I have to offer and can assure you that both you and your property will receive the attention it deserves.  Feel free to call my direct line at 1-819-429-0204 or simply send me an email at  I will be sure to respond in a prompt manner.




My Specialties

I have extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas of Real Estate:

  • The sale of waterfront homes, cottages, vacant lands and large scale developments
  • Residential and mixed usage project planning, analysis, marketing and sales
  • Revenue properties and the sale of small and large scale business'
  • The promotion of luxury properties and establishing international relations with qualified clients

A Diverse Professional Background

Each of my career decisions have revolved around working with and motivating people of all ages. Following in the footsteps of my parents (my mother was a school teacher and my father the owner of a franchise of motorcycle stores); my professional decisions were guided by observing the positive experiences of my parents.  After graduating from high school, I obtained two degrees from the University of Ottawa.  I completed a four year Honours degree program in Science and a second Honors degree in Education.  Physical health and fitness has always been an integral part of my life and has allowed me to work longer, harder and smarter.  Throughout University, I was a personal fitness and health motivator and was a member of the University of Ottawa Football program.  Upon graduating from University, I embarked on a fantastic 5 year career in teaching and was the president and CEO of a health and fitness company called FIT FOR ALL.  After a very rewarding 5 years in teaching and fitness, I was ready for the challenge that a career in Real Estate brings and began representing a large Commercial Real Estate firm in Ottawa.  During the week I focused on selling real estate in Ottawa and weekends were spent at my cottage in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.  It wasn't long before I found myself rationalizing as many ways as possible to extend my weekends and eventually a two day weekend became a 5 day weekend!! I decided to move to Tremblant permanently and immediately worked towards obtaining my Real Estate license in Quebec.  I received my OACIQ Real Estate Broker Certificate and for the past 10 years, I have been representing a variety of properties throughout the entire Laurentian and Greater Montreal Region. Being licensed in both Ontario and Quebec is a major advantage to both myself and all my clients as it extends the scope of marketing and offers a larger pool of potential buyers.

Licensing and Education


OACIQ Licensed Real Broker for the Province of Quebec

OREA/RECO Licensed Realtor for Ontario

Honours Degree in Science from the University of Ottawa

Honours Degree in Education from the University of Ottawa



Professional Interests: The Perfect Blend of Career and Hobby

Anyone that is prepared to work seven days a week while being glued to a Blackberry must be passionate about what they are doing. Moreover, a career in real estate demands constant research and daily updating of market trends and knowledge.  I love reading all and any resources related to real estate, finance, construction, the psychology of sales, negotiation and client management.    Leisure time is often spent brainstorming ways to improve upon a multitude of skills and spending valuable time with other successful agents who offer additioanl insight and experience.  To effectively represent my clients, I need to ensure that the quality and depth of my knowledge is at the highest possible level and reflect the most recent trends and innovations in the business.

Community Involvement

I grew up in a very small, close knit community and have always valued the importance of sharing in the overall social growth and development of ones community.  Since moving to Mont Tremblant over 10 years ago, I have initiated fundraising activities which have contributed to the following organizations: The Saint Justine Childrens Hospintal in Montreal, The Maison de la Famille child care and parental assistance facility in Mont Tremblant, The Centre Medicale des Laurentides for providing funds and assistance to local hospitals, The Mont Tremblant Local Youth Facilty, and a variety of other organizations.  As an activist of physical education and participation, I planned and implemented walkathons, dance shows and fundraising campaigns for the Montreal Marathon.  I volunteered my time and skills towards coaching and training athletes in preparation for a variety of pursuits and personal objectives.  I also hosted a weekly health and fitness television series called Ca Bouge a Mont-Tremblant.  I am always looking for new avenues to contribute to and it brings me great pleasure to help others and in knowing that my skills and efforts have made someone else's life experience better. 

Personal Background

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1972 and have an older brother of 47 years old.  As a child, I guess you can say that I never really had a shortage of energy.  This was a concept my parents had caught on to at a very young age.  Before I could even walk, they had me skiing, skating, swimming and running (mostly after them... ha! ha!).  I was always a very "active little boy,"and sports played an integral role in my physical, social and emotional development. The lessons learned from sporting success and failure have served to set the foundation for who I am and what I represent.  I was fortunate to be a member of the University of Ottawa Football Team and to participate at the Provincial and National level in the sport of Bobsleigh. My greatest honor was competing at the Canadian Bobsleigh Championships at Calgary Olympic Park.  This was by far one of the most nourishing moments of my life, and the discipline and motivation that it took to prepare myself had set the framework for many years of success in sport and life in general.  I continue to thrive on a challenge and the preparation required to succeed.  It seems that the greater the challenge, the more focused and driven I am about the task at hand.  This is the same way I approach both my personal and professional life.  I apply the greatest effort in all I do and accept full responsibility through success and failure.  In my mind, failure is temporary and provides the catalyst for the greatest growth.  The most successful people in the world grow not from what they do well, but from what they learn to do better. 

Personal Interests

  • Everything and anything that has to do with recreation and the outdoors: In my free time I love boating, fishing, hiking and exploring new locations.  Having been coming to the Tremblant Region since I was born, the majority of weekends have been spent with family and friends enjoying all that this wonderful region has to offer.
  • Reading about psychology and the study of the subconscious state of mind: I have been spending a good portion of the past three years studying psychology and more specifically the aspect of the subconscious state of mind (or ego).  Understanding why we do what we do is often the first step in self realization and improvement.  We cannot fully understand anyone else until we understand ourselves.
  • Sports, Sports and more Sports: fitness training, biking, jogging, football, skiing and all water sports.  It is such an important element of my life and not only keeps me sharp and fit but is a great stress relief from those tougher days.
  • I love entertaining friends, clients and family with a good old fashioned charcoal barbecue!! and then hopping in the boat for a quiet row around the lake.
  • Meeting new people and pretty much talking to anyone who is looking for a conversation. I love learning about people and understanding how others live their lives and the joys and challenges they face. Education comes from the most common and daily occasions.  Despite having two degrees and numerous certifications, I can honestly say that my biggest lessons have come from interactions with others.  Life brings to us a new valuable lesson each day, we just need to be open to accept them and realize that a wealth of knowledge surrounds us.

About Mont-Tremblant, Quebec


Canada's four season playground that welcomes visitors to all and anything that incorporates outdoor living, family, fun and entertainment. Located less than 1.5 hours from both Montreal and Ottawa, Mont-Tremblant offers full time and secondary residents the perfect blend between nature and common amenities.  World renown for one of Canada's most impressive ski resorts and the endless kilometers of hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowmobile trails; Mont Tremblant appeals to a wide range of people.

While winter months are enjoyed on the slopes and any one of our thousands of trails, the summer is equally attractive with numerous lakes, streams and rivers providing the ideal backdrop for many recreational activities.  Kayaking, sailing, water-skiing, tennis, mountain biking and many more activities bring families and friends together and so in an ideal setting.  You do not have to own a property to take in the sun and fun!!!  Boats, bikes and other recreational vehicles and accessories are readily available on an rental basis and at very affordable prices.  Who can forget the fantastic golfing.  With over 5 courses within a 10 km radius, pick a week and test them all.   After a day in the sun, take a quiet stroll up the mountain and visit any one of many small shops and boutiques.   You will never be hungry when visiting Tremblant.  A perfect blend of traditional fine cuisine with more commonly known restaurants are also speckled within the resort. 

Night Life? The nights are never boring.  Once the kids are put to bed, enjoy one of the areas numerous hot spots and celebrate a great day while having the convenience of being steps to your condo.  There are two main bars on the resort itself and numerous others within a 15 minute drive from the main resort.  The Blues and Jazz festivals along with many other special events allow you to be entertained while taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Local Community:  As a tourist town, most of the local population contribute to building the reputation of this exceptional community and work in the hotel and recreation business.  However, as with any other city, we have all other services and professionals that you would find in some larger cities.  With Real Estate driving a major portion of our economy, we have over 120 licensed real estate professionals and with all the complimentary services and specialists related to and supporting the real estate process.  From notaries (lawyers), building inspectors, lenders, land surveyors and biologists, general contractors, decorators and numerous other professionals, the area employs a wide range of people. We also have educational and medical facilities which offer additional employment and provide valuable information to citizens of all ages. From Kindergarten to college, Mont-Tremblant is the perfect breeding ground and has prepared some of Canada`s best athletes for sport and life in general.

Most people that come to Tremblant never wish to leave, and it does not take long for people to find any reason to either purchase a full time residence or a secondary home in this fabulous region.  Mont-Tremblant offers an exceptional portfolio of real estate options and there is most definitely something for all budgets and desired criteria.  In Mont-Tremblant, this is what you can anticipate to see as it pertains to property variety and approximate price ranges:

Watrerfront homes

Certainly our most desirable form of property ownership and the most costly.  As the demand for comfortable waterfront properties continues to increase, so to do the prices.  In Mont-Tremblant, a standard waterfront lot of 1 acre with a modest 3 bedroom home on it can cost anywhere between $350,000 to $1,500,000 depending on the lakefront for which you wish to be on.  The largest lake in Mont-Tremblant is Lac Tremblant and with its size comes the ambitious price tag.  You cannot even place a tent on a 1 acre lot for under $1,500,000. The good news is that there are some smaller lakes within 10-20 minutes driving distance of the main village (Resort Village) which may be smaller, yet offer numerous other advantages.  On these lakes, you can find 3-5 bedroom homes within more modest price points.  As some of the lakes do permit gas motor boats, most do not allow gas motor boats and on these lake you will find electric powered motors.  The municipality of Mont-Tremblant is very diligent in ensuring that our lakes and rivers are protected and are very helpful in keeping residents and visitors updated as to any new by-laws or services. 

Mountain top living and views, views and more views

Some people get excited about views and some are blown away by any one of our numerous mountain retreats and communities that offer direct ski in and ski out living.  The condo industry is very popular in Mont-Tremblant as it provides an excellent living experience for owners without having to maintain a large lot.  As it pertains to condo living.  A minimal budget of between $125,000 and $175,000 can have you benefit from the ownership of a small 1 bedroom condo or even a 2 bedroom condo on the resort.  Our most prestigious condos (ie. Fairmont, Westin, Equinox etc.,) will require much large investments of between $300,000 and $500,000 to acquire a 1 to 2 bedroom condo.  Within a 15 minute driving distance of the ski hill, there are some other condo developments that offer 2 bedroom and even 3 bedroom condos for below $170,000.  So in general, there is most definitely something for everyone as it pertains to condo living.

Local housing accomodations 

Within the downtown area of Mont-Tremblant (formerly named St. Jovite) you will find a wide variety of 3 to 5 bedroom homes that offer excellent convenience to all schools and shopping.  As many people work on the mountain and the surrounding businesses within the region, our local bus system provides added convenience for all.  The housing market in Mont-Tremblant is very active as people are moving to the region at a rapid pace.  By far the most affordable on a price per square foot basis, these homes may be purchased between $175,000 (3 bedroom home) and $400,000 (5 bedroom +) for the larger, more recent homes.





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