Downsizing to a New Home!

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Your kids have graduated from college, finally and they are not moving back in! They are, hopefully, successfully navigating the world on their own. You are now considering retirement. So, what’s next on the list? Finding a new home to fit your new lifestyle.

Most people dont see a brand new home as a downsizing option. I can show you the best builders in town that offer modern open concept 2-3 bedroom bungalows, perfectly designed for retirees and for families looking to downsize.
Downsizing your home may be one of the most effective ways to lower your expenses. It can reduce your mortgage debt and saving on utilities, such as energy costs, and can give you the financial freedom to enjoy leisure and travel.
Ushering in a new phase of your life often brings about a personal revolution demanding change on many levels. You might desire a new home for the new you. While it can require careful planning, buying a new home can be the start of a brand new adventure.
With the kids moving on, and no more need for that fourth or fifth bedroom, now is the time to buy the house that you have always wanted. The one you have dreamed of having. If you never found your dream home, or outgrew what was once your dream home, purchasing a custom home will guarantee you end up in the house you will want to call home forever.
Downsizing your home in order to move to a new area can help you reprioritize your life. It can put you within walking distance of shopping, services and entertainment. It may also allow you to live closer to friends and family that you want to maintain close contact with or re-build a connection to.
The peace of mind of having lower housing costs, a lovely new community and the minimized maintenance of your smaller home will help you feel the positive effects of paring down your lifestyle. You will likely trade space for desired amenities that will make your living quarters much more enjoyable.
There are many options and many new phases of new home building happening right now. It can be hard to decide whcih one is best for you, so please call me and we can sit down and discuss your options! 

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