Helping our Northern Neighbors Peterborough fund raising event!

Helping our Northern Neighbors Peterborough fund raising event!

Saturday, March 14 at 1:00pm

Peterborough Lions Community Centre in Peterborough, Ontario

This is a great cause! If everyone comes on out and supports this fundraising Event, we can make a huge difference in the lives of many families! 

As a Real Estate Agent, I have thrown my hat into the ring and have decided to assist, so from now on, I am contributing $100 to the Helping Our Northern Neighbours cause, run by the very talented and competent Jen Graham, with every closing, and with every full term contract!
So allow me to represent you with the buying and selling of your home, and you are not only getting great representation, and a great home but you are helping people who desperately need it! What can be better than that!
Also, any donations of children s items, toys, clothing, food, baby needs, formula etc are much needed, as well as funds to help with the shipping of these items directly to the families in need!

Can you imagine living in a community where the only road in and out is closed 10 month of the year, and when it is open, it is only used to travel to and from the mines?  Where everything is flown in by plane?  Can you imagine having very little money to begin with, and then going to the grocery store and finding prices that are so astronomical that feeding your newborn baby and children is almost impossible?  Where resources and assistance is pretty much nonexistent ?

Nobody should have to pay $28 for a head of cabbage anywhere — let alone in Canada.

That's the belief that drives Jen Graham, of Peterborough, , who spends her days organizing food care packages for people she's never met. But she's not even sending aid to a Third World country; she's sending it to Canada's remote north.

The high prices of groceries in Nunavut, for example —$47 for laundry detergent, 104$ for a case of water..we complain when we have to pay $2.99....— have drawn increasing outcry from Canadians over the last few years.

It is just shocking to see the prices they were paying for simple groceries that we take for granted. It is appalling. It's hard enough to make ends meet for the rest of us, how are these people to survive, never mind raise healthy children!

Jen Graham is running the Peterborough/Kawartha Chapter of the Helping Our Northern Neighbours. She collects food, baby food, formula, clothing, hats, mitts, coats, boots, etc for adults and children going through your closet and donating whatever your kids have outgrown and no longer need, what you no longer are using or wearing, can be a lifesaver to people who otherwise cant even dress appropriately for the weather.  These people don't ask for luxuries or anything other than necessities,simple necessities are luxuries to these people.  

There are no restrictions on what people can give, everything can find its way to a deserving family in need. 

People in the north are going often days without eating and are putting children to bed hungry. Can you imagine your child going to bed hungry? This is like a Third World country and just shouldn't be going on in , not in Canada!

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