Motivation is the Key

1.     Take Care of the Little Things to Motivate Others

Doing the little things well will show that you respect people.  Making sure you are on time for meetings, saying “good morning” and “thank-you,” and returning phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner goes a long way to showing people that you care during chaotic times.


2.     Be an Active Listener to Motivate Others

Recent research stated that the average supervisor or manager only invests two hours per year applying “pure listening” skills.  Pure listening is when you are listening to people you are not:

§         Multitasking

§         Ordering your lunch

§         Watching people walk by your office.

§         Answering telephone calls

§         Setting up appointments

To be a pure listener you must be an active listener.  Good listeners do more than pay attention.  They genuinely care about people and never talk down to them.  They ask about others' goals and dreams, their past achievement, their concerns and challenges during this chaotic time.  They listen with their hearts and minds.  They respect others' thoughts and opinions.  They realize that other people sometimes have the best answer , not you.

3.     Walk Your Talk to Motivate Others

If you expect people to arrive early for an apppointment, then you arrive early.  If you expect them to keep their promises, you keep your promises.  If you want them to keep to high standards, you keep to high standards.

People are watching you even when you don’t think they are watching you.  So set the tone.  Once you walk through the doors of your showing or office or meeting place, make sure you are positive and upbeat if you expect the people you are meeting with and working with to be positive and upbeat.

4.     Let People Know They Make a Difference to Motivate Others

At the top of many lists of what motivates other people, more than money, is knowing that they make a difference.   One of the most powerful methods of letting people know they make is difference is…praise 

5.     Communicate Clearly to Motivate Others

Communicate so that others understand what you want to achieve.  Adapt your communication to the audience you are speaking.  Constantly communicate your vision and goals so that there are no misunderstandings.  The clearer the vision, the clearer the communication, the clearer the opportunity for success.


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