Spring Cleaning

These are some of the other questions I asked myself about each belonging I am determining whether to keep, discard or donate:
When I see it, does it lift my spirits? Or does it carry memories of a time best forgotten?
Does it have a practical use, today? Or maybe, it was once useful and I think perhaps someday it may be useful again?
Am I keeping it for me, or out of a sense of duty to someone else? Is it a burden?
Where I have multiple keepsakes from one person, can I keep just one?
Would I have remembered it if I hadn’t found it in this box/wardrobe?
Does it suit my life? Does it work for me or do I work for it?
Will someone else get more enjoyment and use from it?
Will I, or my life, be any the less without it?
If I get over the emotional speed bump of giving it away will I actually be relieved? Will my life feel freer without it?
What is my gut feeling, keep it or lose it?
For clothes, I also asked:
Do I feel attractive in it? More to the point, does my wife think I look atractive in it?
Is it comfortable and easy to care for?
Can I be as physically active as I need in it?
Does it go with other clothes in my wardrobe?
Is it fun? Happy? (And other words that describe you, i.e.: “Is it me?”)
Does it give me a poverty mindset or a wealth mindset?
Do I have a duplicate(s) that will serve the same occasions? Do I need both/all?
Put tricky things in limbo.

If you’re stuck on an item, put it in a box for six months, then review it again. Maybe it’s sufficient to make a note that you had it, or take a photo of it, and then give it away. If it is of monetary value, sell it or put it in trust with a friend.
Place things in trust.

I gave an antique writing desk to my brother, telling him I might return for it in future, might not. In the meantime he gets a beautiful piece of furniture and I know it is cared for.
And so, after all this, I am left with a select few practical, uplifting things that have purpose and beauty for me. Inside, I feel a clearness like the atmosphere after a spring shower. And not only have I benefited, but other people, too.
Fewer belongings = more freedom. Less mass equals more energy.
I find freedom in owning as little as possible.
These travelling companions don’t hold me back or overwhelm me, but lift my spirits and lighten my journey through life.
How can you lighten your load, from the inside out?

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