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Professionalism: It's NOT the job you DO, It's HOW you DO the job


 Selling or purchasing real estate can be a tricky and stressful process, and hiring the right realtor to guide you can make all the difference.  The reason finding an agent through word of mouth is popular is because buying a home is the single biggest purchase you'll make. You need to have confidence in the agent. You need to count on someone to hold your hand.

When you deal with realtors, it is important to identify the good, the bad, and the indifferent.  A good  realtor must have  confidence. With confidence, all things become possible. Confidence enables the realtor to do all the things necessary to get you the best deal, while at the same time, make them some money.  A realtor should never be timid about money. 

A good realtor is someone who loves to work with people--even on the bad days. You should never feel rushed or hurried by a realtor, and you should always be made to feel that he or she has your best interests at heart. A polite and friendly realtor is a sign that you, not personal interest, are the focus of their work.

Good realtors are always straightforward and honest. One of the most important characteristics of a good realtor is that he or she goes the extra mile. Those who take care of little details like keeping you posted on your sale, or answering the phone with a smile in their voice are the realtors to keep and be grateful for. Remember that prompt and effective communication is essential to any relationship, and realtors who do everything they can to show they appreciate your business deserve to be appreciated.

Confidence requires knowledge. A good real estate agent is smart.  Smart includes their organizational skills and follow up practices. Smart involves their marketability or salesmanship. A smart realtor is a salesman. A good salesman sells themselves along with whatever it is they want the buyer to purchase.  Smart realtors know their business and have an answer for any question and that doesn't necessarily mean the actual answer to someone's specific question. Your realtor should also have the knowledge to help you navigate the process successfully. In addition to knowing the provincial and local real estate laws and requirements, they should also have experience and in-depth knowledge of the area you are buying or selling in. Agents who thoroughly know the area schools, hospitals, and recreation areas will make a bigger difference to their client.

If a realtor is to be successful, he/she must have an imagination. Imagination is the key to creativity. The Realtor must come up with new and creative ways to get your home or property noticed.

Be on the lookout for casual or sloppy dress or demeanor; the agent will take the same care conducting your business as they do with personal appearance.  A professional  who doesn't take the time to maintain a professional appearance presents the image of not being able to perform adequately on the job. If your Realtor looks and behaves like a highly trained and well-groomed professional, he/she will win the respect and trust of their clients.


Here are some of the skills and qualities of real estate agents that actual home buyers said they valued.

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Knowledge of purchase process
  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge of real estate market
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills


Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it

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