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With the fall season approaching, many Canadians will be preparing their backyards for winter. From raking fall leaves to preparing soil beds for the next planting season, there are lots of great opportunities to get out and enjoy the last bit of sunshine.

While you are out in the yard this fall, why not take some time to also make your home a little safer for you and your family?

Measure your yard for potential dangers

  • Are your steps and sidewalks clear, and free from toys and tools?
  • Is your yard free from glass, nails, yard tools and any other sharp items?
  • Do you check play equipment and lawn furniture for safe use?
  • Are clotheslines strung high – so no one will walk into them?
  • Do gardeners wear protective clothing?
  • Does the person using the power mower wear sturdy shoes?
  • Are children kept away from power tools when they’re in use?
  • Are charcoal grills kept clean and gas stored carefully?

Take steps to check your stairs and hallways

  • Are stairways free of clutter and throw rugs?
  • Are banisters and railings strong and secured? Are all steps the same height and width?
  • Are stairways free of toys, tools and other objects? Are stair treads and/or carpeting kept in good condition?
  • Is the stairwell well lighted with light switches at the top and bottom?
  • Are young children protected by gates at the top and bottom of stairs?
  • Are there nightlights in hallways and near stairs?

For almost 30 years, the CENTURY 21 System has supported Easter Seals and their mission to help children and adults with disabilities live fuller lives. But, whenever we can, we’d like to help families know how to prevent disabilities from happening in their homes.

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