End of 2015 - A Little Workspiration

We are fast approaching the end of a wonderful year. 2015. Maybe it wasn’t wonderful for everyone… especially in North Bay, ON, where we have had numerous changes affect us all. Job cuts, lock outs, teacher strikes, switch to water metred billing, lack of funding in certain areas, and burdening taxes. 
If you put all the negative together, doesn’t make North Bay sound too fantastic. 
However, for the first year in a long time, I have had a great year, and it was in North Bay. It was my first half year working in Real Estate, and I look forward to a full 2016 filled with real estate surprises and deals! 
I have sort of been addicted to this since it began in May. 
As per any career, professional development and ongoing training is a must. I had the pleasure of attending a real estate conference put on by a real estate, business and success Guru, Richard Robbins in Toronto last month. What a great time to have it - in the last few months of the year, when the business slows down, and maybe the motivation slows down for most people. 
He told me to get into gear for a fullthrotle new year, and gave us all the boost we needed. I sort of felt out of place at first, because I am still bursting with motivation, so I didn’t know how much I would actually need him to tell me that. But it was so much more than motivation. It was work-spiration. 
I learned new technologies, new productivity apps and online programs that can help me in my business, new scripts. I revisited the idea of door-knocking and how to approach everyone in an unconventional, yet simple way. I learned systems. Systems that can help me put in place a lifetime successful cycle of business. 
I was reminded to do the menial tasks that I think I do every day, but procrastinate and forget to do. I learned projects that should be implemented in my city. I also learned that there are a lot of wealthy and successful realtors in the major metropolitan centres. Good for them. 
Nonetheless, I learned that although it’s a longer road, and it is more work in a smaller city, I can be successful. 
I have made a plan, I have made a budget, I have learned the areas of mastery I need to practice, and the small behaviours I must engage in to reach my goals. 
RRi, Thank you for that. 

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