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"This is a work-hard play-hard kind of biz" -Cheryl Noel

As I sit here on the shores of Lake Nipissing, enjoying my very first full day off in a long time, I wonder: "What on earth did I get myself into with this real estate biz?"

I have been working very hard since first getting registered in May 2015, and I still don't have a listing, or a sale. I have potential buyers, and I have been showing them properties left and right, I have been putting in hours at various community locations trying to make contacts, and I have joined a soccer team for the summer, in which I compete against very vicious women we call tanks. I have bruises and a sprained ankle that just won't heal. I am handing out balloons to children at the Farmer's market in hopes of getting noticed by parents - possible present or future buyers and sellers. I am dropping off fun mail to everyone in my neighbourhood, and cold calling everyone I know and don't know. I am doing all the open houses I can do complimentary with dark chocolate covered almonds, cold drinks and baked goods. Some would say I am crazy to get into this business. 

I say, no way - this is so much fun! I am working a part-time job on the side to keep the cash flow coming in while I finish my articling courses and pay for the startup, which helps a lot. Keeps me in good spirits and motivates me to want to do more in real estate every day. 

My many jobs keep me social, and keep me on my toes, and that's what I love the most. One day, it will all come down to one job and I will be content in my true place. 

However, for now, I could not be happier. I do not worry about generating listings and sales, because I am doing everything and more to get there. It will all come in time, and I truly enjoy my job. I love working for the people, and making their real estate search effortless. I also have an affinity for the home and everything in it, which makes me feel that in my job, I am right at home.  

This is my place. One month and a half in, and I have finally found my place after many years of career searching. 

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Jessica Brideau

Jessica Brideau

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