Damage of Pests

Termites literally eat your house.  Fact: Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year!  Get the Facts and know the best way to protect your home is to know their signs and act fast!

Carpenter Ants: They are normally black, though can some red or a combination of two colours. You'll find them crawling around the inside and outside of your house as they search for moisture.

Spring and Summer are their busiest times, but they can keep munching on wood throughout the winter if temperatures are warm enough. Also cut back branches and plants from your house, move firewood and other stacked timber far away from it, and seal any cracks.

Termites: They are normally light-coloured and are rarely seen, except when they swarm in early spring. Call a pro if you see swarming or wood that's soft, blistered or darkened. Other signs include mud tubes inside or outside the house, especially around the foundation.

Ladybugs: During the fall season Ladybugs wander inside and stain clothing and fabrics when secreting yellow blood. This blood is secreted when the pests are under duress. These stains can be impossible to get out, and large populations of ladybugs may cause significant staining to light-coloured fabrics.


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