With the end of September, comes that magical time of year when the days are filled with sunshine and the nights bring cool crisp air. Along with the changing foliage and cups of hot tea comes.... the final chance to touch up your house and prepare for WINTER! 

That is right ladies and gentlemen, before you know it the ground will be frozen and Suzy snowflakes with be accumulating on your roof!

Here are a few tips of things to look for before the brittle cold is upon us:


If your home features fire appliances such as a chimney be sure to check and clean it for debris, leaves, bird nests ect. 


It is highly recommended that you thoroughly clean your roof, gutters and drains. Assure there are no obstructions which may later cause draining problems when the snow finally starts to melt. 


Be sure to check the outside foundation of your home. Sweep away all leaves and vegetation from the foundation and check for holes and cracks. If you do notice some imperfections be sure to fix with a foam insulator or caulking. 

Duct work and Windows

A large amount of heat (homes with central air can lose up to 60% of heated air) is lost through your ductwork and windows; proper installation can save up to 20% on your energy bill. So assure that your ducts are well connected and check your windows; if necessary get a window insulator kit. 


Check to see if valves are turned off and pipes are drained. With the cold winter, a burst pipe would be a nightmare.


Pay attention to your gardens, spending a little time to protect them from winter will pay off in spring! So till the soil, lay mulch, rake and clean out leaves and debris to assure for a bounty of buds in the warmer months!


Of course all your hard work pays off when you can relax with your favourite throw, watch the first snow fall and smile knowing you did everything to protect your home, and those in it with you. 



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