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In the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to embark on a glorious adventure entitled drone life. Who knew these toys could be so much fun, and so much work! You see them all over the media - being used for all sorts of industries, and although there are laws and rules to abide by while operating, it's basically the coolest tool you can use to photograph and document from above whether you are capturing sports, events, doing promo videos for businesses, cities, and of course - marketing real estate. The best part is: you don't need to be a pilot to do so. I was quite nervous to fly it for the first time. There was so much I didn't know about them, and did not feel comfortable flying this expensive piece of machinery without knowing the laws and rules. I have educated myself on the above, as well as read the full manual available to customers online, and watched numerous tutorials and update videos. I still don't find its enough. It is excellent that soon, people like me will be able to take a short crash course on the toy and get to know even more about what they're operating. There are professionals out there that we can reach out to. Safety guidelines, laws should be followed strictly, and proper maintenance should be first and foremost to make the most out of your flight experience and not have it break on you mid-flight. 

Droning is my new favourite activity. It's the wave of the future for real estate photography/videography and helps market a home to its fullest potential. Not every property would warrant this kind of marketing. Properties with immense acreage, waterfront, cottage settings, camp ground and fishing lodge businesses, even parks and recreation would benefit from this kind of marketing. It really allows you to capture it all and showcase parts that you may not be able to see or explore from going to an hour long open house. I was recently asked: "Will droning a property really help you sell the house?" Again it was one of those questions that Realtors often get just like: "Do you really get an offer from an open house?" Often the answer is NO. And if you look at the statistics - it's true, a Seller rarely gets an offer directly from attending an open house. 

However, drone photography/videography is a tool - a means to an end, just like doing open houses. You are WORKING YOUR LISTING, you are showing your Sellers that you can make the most out of the photos and video footage that circulate the worldwide web and reaches all the potential Buyers that could see your listing. You are attracting them with your images, and getting them through the door. You are allowing Buyers to see that "bird's eye" view that most could not see if there was no drone. Not to mention, they make great closing gifts to your Buyers! 

As a child, I remember walking through my grandparent's photo gallery wall in their hallway and looking up at the photo taken of their 123 acre property and saying to them how cool it was that someone took that photo of the whole thing. They explained that it was taken when they first bought the house in 1980 and it needed to be taken by someone in a helicopter. 

How amazing that technology has grown so fast, and so intricate since 1980, and now I don't have to call a pilot to take a photo like that. Here are a few shots of my last few drone excursions with the DJI Phantom 4:





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