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Waterloo's downtown area is referred to as Uptown Waterloo.  Uptown Waterloo is generally bounded by University Avenue in the north, the Waterloo-Kitchener divide in the south, Weber Street in the east and essentially Westmount Road in the west.  Several features characteristic of Uptown differentiate this area from the rest of the city including an older housing stock, higher density, greater mixed land use, a more pedestrian-friendly layout, and a different demographic profile.

The health, stability and viability of Waterloo's uptown area is of great importance.  Core areas are believed to be the "heart" of cities and towns as they are historically the centre of culture, heritage and economic vitality within the community.  The City of Waterloo is engaged in several projects and studies which will help to bring new life to our core area helping to ensure its vitality.  Some of our strategic policies have been identified in initiatives such as Imagine! Waterloo.  Currently two important Uptown initiatives have recently been completed, the Redevelopment of Waterloo Town Square and the Public Square which adds tremendously to the core.  

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