New Home Technology Trends

Technology changes daily!  You buy the latest in home theatres, and as soon as you install it - it's been upped by bigger and better products. That's why you ask a ESC. Never heard of a ESC contractor? Welcome to the future.


An ESC is an electronic systems contractor that is specially trained to provide design, integration, installation and field maintenance of low-voltage electronic systems for the home. These technicians help you set up a house-wide wi-fi network or install a home theatre just to name a few products. They also can create a consumption system for the energy you use, which allows you to check which appliance or item uses up all your energy when left on. To controlling your lighting, heating, cooling, security and other systems all controlled on a single touchscreen device.


In the sixties, we got a glimpse of the futuristic smart homes that were remotely controlled.  Now you are fully able to warm up the hot tub from your touchscreen in the kitchen and at the same time start a movie in the family room.  Bar floating down from the ceiling; we have an app for that.  You just can’t be afraid of buttons because you are going to have many at your fingertips. 

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