The She-Cave

The she-cave is a woman’s retreat or sanctuary in a home (or yard), such as a specially equipped greenhouse or shed, spare bedroom, or den. The term, “woman cave” or "she cave" is a metaphor describing a place of retreat, solitude, serenity, and peaceful reflection. It’s a place where women can take on the hobbies they enjoy. Relaxing music may play softly in the background. Basically, a colourfully designed space that gives her the sense of tranquility she craves.” There’s more to our definition…


“A place where women go to re-energize and do the things they love, like scrapbooking or crafts, blogging, sewing or quilting, sorting recipes, reading, or even running a home business.” Recently the retailer HomeGoods started spotlighting Woman Caves by launching a special web site and commercials dedicated to showing women how to make a cave of their own.  The company says that all good woman caves contain four essentials: a place to sit, a space to organize, an area to do the things you love, and room for your girlfriends to visit. Now that is a definition to be proud of!

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