What to Know Before Starting Your House Flip

There are many factors to consider when making your purchase of a house to flip, but this post is for those who have already purchased the home.  You are at the stage where you are looking at this dilapidated home, maybe starting to tear out old carpet and making a list of everything you need to purchase to make this house presentable but more importantly desirable.  

Time and time again realtors see people make major mistakes on their first house flip, resulting in almost no money netted, or sometimes even a financial loss.  

The #1 mistake new flippers make is: making the renovations based on what THEY would want in a house as opposed to what the majority of home buyers are looking for.

The #2 mistake new flippers make is: spending too much on unnecessary renovations.

So which renovations do you choose, and where do you cut back?  My years of experience working with home buyers can help you make money saving choices.  Call today and we can discuss how to get the most bang for your buck.  

Jim Archer

Jim Archer

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