What to do with Pets During Showings - Home Sellers

What to do with Pets During Showings - Home Sellers

Everyone knows: pets are part of the family!  However, now that your home is for sale, there are some things that should be called to attention.  


Let's start with dogs.  Sometimes showing requests come in and perhaps you are only given an hour or two's notice.  It would be quite unfortunate if you missed out on serious potential buyers just because you were unable to get home from work to collect your dog(s).  

Plan In Advance!  If you and your mate work full-time, have a back-up plan.  Give a relative or a trusted neighbour a key to your home, so they can take 'Brownie' for  a walk during the showing.  If it's early in the listing days and showings are non-stop, consider a pet daycare.  Even if your pet is friendly and would welcome a strange realtor and his/her clients coming into your home, it's a distraction for potential buyers and might turn them off your home.


Generally home sellers think it's no big deal to leave cats at home during showings.  They don't bark, they probably won't even appear during a home showing.  This may be true, but again, pets in the home may turn away potential buyers, especially if one of those buyers is so allergic they are unable to view the entire home.  Again my suggestion: lean on relatives for help, perhaps fostering your cat.  It will take some of the pressure of keeping a clean and non-litter smelling house off of you for a few weeks.


small pets in a homeWith small caged pets, you'll need to use discretion.  It probably won't be neccessary to shoo them out of the house.  The only time I've seen this become a problem is if the buyer has a legitimate phobia of your pet and refuses to enter the room it is in.  You might be suprised, people can be absolutely terrified of birds, mice, rats, snakes, pretty well anything.  

Consider your decision carefully.  If you decide to keep any animal in the house, my best advice to you is make sure there is absolutely no pet odour.  You may have lived around hamster shavings so long you don't notice the smell, but others will.  Visit a pet store and check out their most odorless solutions!

If you are considering a sale of a property in the near future, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss the current real estate market and evaluate your home.  My years of experience would no doubt prove very helpful in the sale of your home. 

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