Communication is the key!

Well, it's about time I wrote a new blog, eh?  So, I've got an interesting anecdote to tell - and it's about communication.   This blog has been inspired by an offer situation that's happening right now with me.  

I'm working with some great clients again, and we put together an offer on a property.  It's an out of town property, so instead of presenting in person like I prefer, I faxed the offer to the listing brokerage.  Of course, I also called the listing brokerage to make sure it was received in full.  And then, we sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  

No reply from the listing broker representative.  Hmmm, this is odd.  So, I called.  And texted.  And emailed.   And had him paged by his office.  And... no response.  If you're wondering, I didn't do all these things at once either - I tried one, waited a few hours, then waited a day and tried another method, etc, etc.  So, I've tried to communicate with him in several different ways.  He doesn't have voicemail, so I couldn't even leave him a message.  What kind of business person doesn't have voicemail nowadays?

When I was with my clients again today, I tried calling him another time.  Eureka!  He picked up!  Apparently, a counter offer has been signed by his clients and he'd get it to me shortly.  It's 6 hours later as I write this blog, and nothing so far.  So, I called his office.  He's out.  I called his cellphone.  No answer - and no voicemail, remember?  I sent him a text to remind him to send me the counter offer.  Guess what?  You're right, no response - so far.  

This whole situation is unfortunately, a little too common.  And not just in real estate either.  I think there's a little piece of me that likes to keep the lines of communication wide open, and it frustrates me to no end when other people don't operate the same.  I guess I still need to learn that other people don't operate in the same way.  But I don't like it.  

That's the new blog.  A grumpy blog, for sure.  But that's okay, I like being a grumpy old fart once in awhile.  

So, my life lesson from this experience is to constantly re-evaluate how I'm working - and to make sure that I communicate openly with my clients.  I promise to keep my clients fully informed and to keep them moving towards their goal.   

Communication is the key! - to great service.  I'm ready when you are...

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