"If I were any better, there'd be 2 of me!"

At Century 21 Millennium Inc. this past week, we received some sad news.  One of the founders of our brokerage franchise, Peter McDermott, died after a long battle with cancer.  I didn't know Peter - unfortunately - as he sold his share of the business to our other founder, Joanne Evans (and her spouse Martin Minda), shortly before I joined the firm in 2007.  But his influence is still with us today. 

In the kitchen at the office this morning, I was chatting with a couple of colleagues about Peter's influence on their careers.  They reminisced and talked about his skills as an owner of our company.  Peter was a man who was able to give a hug when needed, or a kick in the pants when necessary - and this was appreciated.  He would visit the offices of the agents, always talking about work and getting them motivated to get out there and contact potential clients.  For Peter, successful agents meant a successful company.  He was absolutely right.

Today, Century 21 Millennium is one of the top 10 brokerages in the Century 21 Canada system.  Our brokers and salespeople are better trained, and have access to better technology and tools that help our clients to make the right move.   Best of all, we have a reputation - both amongst other real estate companies & agents and also the general public - of being one of the better brokerages to deal with.  This is all because of the foundation that Peter and Joanne have laid down as the core strength of our business. 

I'm glad that my real estate career is with Century 21 Millennium - it's a good feeling to know that I'm part of a brokerage that values hard work, honesty, courage and the knowledge to do the right thing for our clients. 

Peter McDermott used to say, "If I were any better, there'd be 2 of me!".  What a great line, eh?

Peter McDermott was 61.  When you get approached by the Canadian Cancer Society, please give generously.  Cancer needs to be eliminated from our world.  Thanks.



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