It's All About Respect

Today, one of my friends posted a little story on Facebook that has inspired this blog.  My friend encountered a rather nasty woman yelling at a senior citizen in a mall parking lot.  The reason for the yelling?  The nasty woman thought the senior gentleman in question was driving too slowly as he approached a pedestrian crossing at which the woman  was waiting to cross.   And, this nasty woman had the gall to follow the senior as he parked just so she could continue yelling at him.  Wow. 

My Facebook friend (I'll call her "D") stepped in and offered the senior gentleman an escort as he walked into the mall. D ignored the nasty yelling woman, turned her back on her and strolled with the gentleman into the mall. 

When I read D's posting today, I was horrified that the senior citizen was harrassed by that nasty woman.  And then, I immediately thought that it was just like D to step in and do the right thing. 

I really like reading D's posts on Facebook, she has a lot of good tidbits that make you stop and think.  And today's posting did just that.  We need to remember that senior citizens are equal members of our society.  Most seniors I know are still working to make our society better, too.  Whether it's volunteer work, taking care of the grandkids or even still working for pay, the senior members of our society deserve more.  Take a moment and think about the senior citizens in your life.  Think about them, and then think about whether you're doing as much to better our world as our senior citizens have. 

My friend D has.  It's All About Respect.

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