Making the Right Decision

I've been working with a really nice family lately showing them a few homes for sale in the Brampton area (actually, just three!) and talking with them about the process of moving house.  The reason they've been planning on selling - and downsizing -  is to save a bit of money as the economy recovers, plus their kids will be teenagers within the next few years and we all know teenagers aren't exactly economical.  The food bills alone!

So, we found a house.  The one.  Or maybe not.  It is a lovely home, well maintained by owners for over 30 years, with some decent upgrades.  We visited it twice - the first to "fall in love", the second with a more critical eye.  And, the more critical visit was still really good - it is a great home. 

Before putting in an offer, my clients decided to visit their bank to see exactly how much they'd save on their mortgage payments.  And guess what?  The bank has decided to lower their interest rate - and have lowered the rate enough so that it wouldn't make sense to downsize.  In other words, my clients have made excellent financial decisions over the past few years to earn a top notch credit rating.  Banks don't lower interest rates for just anyone.  The better your credit score, the lower the interest rate you'll pay.  Well, except for department store credit cards - but don't get me started on that subject! 

So, my clients have decided to stay where they are.  After all, their reason for moving has just vanished.  And you know what?  I'm really proud of them for making the decision to stay.  There's no point in moving if you're not going to benefit.  For this family, the moving benefit was financial.  For other clients, the benefit might be a larger house, a different location for school or work, etc, etc. 

I'm pretty sure my clients will use me in the future when it does become time to move - and whether that's in one, five or ten years is perfectly fine.  I'm ready when they are.  In the meantime, I'm sure they'll refer me to friends and family who are looking to make a move - and I'll give these new clients great service, too. 

To me, this is what buying and selling homes - real estate - is all about.  It's about Making the Right Decision.  If you need help with this process, just give me a call.  I'm ready when you are.

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