Oh Crap! The Rebate is Ending...

So, I went to turn on the tap today and discovered that there wasn't any water - at all.  Hmmm, I paid my water bill.  I wonder what's going on?  So curious me doesn't call and complain, nope!  I simpy went online to the Region of Peel Water & Wastewater site to see if there were any postings about why the water was shut off.  Sadly, no information was forthcoming about the parched desert that I (I mean my sink) was experiencing.  So, I had to call anyway.  But not to complain, just to find out! 

The Region of Peel staff were great - very accommodating - even with a transfer to the road works department by accident.  Turns out there's a small local emergency in my area and they had to shut off the water for a short while during a repair down the road.  They even told me it wouldn't be too long before my taps would be gushing with all the water I want.  Cool, I'm happy now.

But, I was still curious - it's not a bad website for a government entity.  So, I started looking at the website and discovered that a rebate program is ending.  The rebate program gives residents a $60 rebate if they buy an approved model (toilets come in models?).  But the program is being reduced as of Sept 1 this year to a $25 rebate.  And next year on Sept 1, 2013, it's ending completely!  For details on the program, click here.

In other words, if you're thinking about upgrading the older model toilets that use way too much water just to flush a bit of your own personal wastewater, then now is the time to do it!  Get yourselves over to your local home improvement store and spend a penny (or a bit more) to save yourselves some dollars in the long term.  Don't forget to visit the Peel Region website to download the rebate forms though! 

And now that my public service announcement is coming to an end, I hear my toilet gurgling.  Goody, that must mean the water's back to full flush! 

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