Pets Create a Home

I received some sad news today - a pet dog of friends of mine died yesterday.  And that set me to thinking about pets, and how much they truly are a part of a family and a home.

I find it amazing how a pet can bring you a sense of peace and enjoyment when you're around them.  Their love is always waiting for you and they appreciate even the little things you do for them.  I've been lucky enough to babysit family pets before, and I really do enjoy having them stay with me. 

I'm not a big fan of cats though - probably because I'm allergic.  And of course, cats automatically gravitate towards me.  Sigh.  But, I still understand their charm.  I'm a dog person - I just like their happy go lucky dispositions, always sniffing out the bright side of life. 

One day, I'll get a dog of my own.  For now, it's just the fish on my desk at work - something pretty to look at as I do my paperwork, etc. 

I'll miss my friends' dog - she was a cute little thing, a bit scrappy and not willing to take guff from the other dog in the family.  Rest in peace, Jackie.



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