Professional Realtors - and unprofessional real estate sales people

I received an interesting email the other day from one of my Seller clients.  My client copied me on an email that he sent to a rather unprofessional real estate salesperson who had an appointment to show his home.  Here's the email that my Seller client sent to this person - note that I've omitted identifying names, etc:


"Dear (unprofessional real estate salesperson):

I am writing this email to outline my disappointment with your lack of professionalism this evening.

As you recall, you booked an appointment for your client between 5 and 6pm this evening. You did not show up during this period, nor did you call.  You did, however, arrive at 7:15pm - more than 2 hours late.

Perhaps you didn't read the agent's copy of the listing that stated we had young children. You were advised to use the lockbox, meaning that we would not be there.  We left our home, so your client could have a private showing. It should also be mentioned that this was during our 2 and 4 year old's dinner time.

Perhaps in the future, you should consider and value other people's time more closely and act in a more professional manner.  A phone call to our agent's office would have been enough to show us you care about our time.  I cannot emphasize how disappointed I am with your conduct.

I expect this issue to be addressed immediately..."


So, what did I think of this situation?  Well, I was really pleased that my Seller client took the time to express his frustration in writing.  I think the letter is brilliant - succinct and to the point.  My client is absolutely correct.

The sad thing is, I wonder if the unprofessional real estate salesperson really knew what they'd done wrong.  It is rather pathetic to show up so late for an appointment - and they still haven't replied to my client as of the time I'm writing this blog. 

Unfortunately, although the agent in question is unprofessional, they haven't done anything legally wrong.  Reporting them to the Real Estate Board or the Real Estate Council of Ontario won't do any good, as they haven't broken any board guideline or real estate law.  It wouldn't surprise me if that real estate agent isn't in business in the near future though - it's kind of hard to keep clients if you're not professional.

I trust that my Seller client is happy with my services thus far - I've conditionally sold their home and we're just waiting for the Buyer to finalize one more condition.  But just to make sure, I'll ask my client what they liked about the sale process and what they didn't like - so that I can improve my services, too.  I'm willing to bet the agent in question above has never asked his clients any questions about service - but then he's probably afraid of the answer.

So, the next time you're buying or selling real estate - don't just hire any real estate salesperson. Hire a Professional Realtor.  I'm ready when you are.

Professional Service. Expert Advice.



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