Love Makes The World Go Round

Love Makes The World Go Round.

Yeah, yeah I know - it's some sort of science-y thing that makes the world go round.  Logically, I know love does not make the world go round.  But today, I was served a reminder that love is what counts, love is what helps, love is what we keep inside ourselves that then multiplies and helps us to love one another.  

Over the last few weeks, there have been Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice etc elves at work making things happen, getting ready to show love.  As some of you may know, our office partners with 5 local elementary schools here in Brampton to identify families that are in desperate need of a little bit of love.  This year, we were able to sponsor 10 families in the Brampton area.  Each of the 5 schools identifies 2 families and we get to know some basic things about the family i.e. kids ages & sizes and a couple of wishlist toys.  Our elves go out and buy all the basics for the kids from underwear & socks, pyjamas, shirts & pants to mittens, scarfs, hats, boots and coats.  For families in desperate need, even toiletries are luxury items and so of course, we buy those too.  For the family, we buy them a month's worth of groceries with all the staples.  

We never know who the families are as we want them to have dignity and self worth, so that they can get back on their feet and then give back themselves next year.  And they do give back.  Boy, do they ever.  The families almost always are able to get back on their feet, to get better and grow their own love, and pay it forward in spades.  It's wonderful hearing about families we've sponsored in previous years who are now donating to the toy drive, the food bank, or even just a few extra dollars so that the kid who doesn't have can still participate in pizza day.  

This year's families included some newcomers to Canada, a family escaping a violent marriage, a family where both parents have been laid off from work, etc.  Situations that sometimes seem foreign to many of us, but that are all too common.  And that's why it's important to give when you can, so that love that we keep inside ourselves multiplies and helps others in the future.  As we listened to the stories told by the school principals and social workers, tears were shed.  Those tears are the start of a new seed of love as they inspire all of us at work to continue giving a small amount each month so that by the end of each year, we get to love more families once again.

When reflecting on the day, I realize that I am fortunate to have the love of my spouse, my family, my friends and my clients.  I'm also fortunate to be able to give back to our office charity and other charities across our great country.  And I hope that you, dear reader, will also give back to the charity of your choice.

Love Indeed Makes the World Go Round. 



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