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Located just south of London Ontario you'll find a large community by the name of Chatham-Kent, ON. Located just on highway 401 and east of Lake St Clair, the wonderful yet large community of Chatham-Kent sits among a vast array of elegantly manicured farmlands. This is a location that originally started as a naval dockyard in the late 1700s because of its close relation to the Thames River. Getting its name from Chatham, Kent, in the country of England, UK, the similarities of the two being naval dockyard's is rather quite distinct. Nevertheless, this is a location that provides excellent opportunities for those planning to relocate to this wonderful southern area of Ontario. Here we'll try to find out more about Chatham-Kent, and why this location would make sense when it comes to investment opportunities and relocation.

* Education

One of the first and probably most important aspects of this particular area will be the education system. You'll discover that there are elementary and secondary schools available for all of your younger students. There are over 53 elementary schools and 13 secondary schools that will provide all that is needed when it comes to educational requirements. You will also discover that there are schools for higher learning located within this area as well as St. Clair College in Chatham and the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus which is only a short distance from Chatham. This provides excellent opportunities for those that plan to expand their educational needs.

* Real Estate

As with any location that has historic value as well as top quality educational opportunities, real estate investment options will be necessary as well. You'll discover that Chatham-Kent, ON will provide a variety of real estate opportunities for those planning to relocate to this area, or for others that are simply looking for investment options. For those that are planning to move from larger populated areas such as Kitchener, London, and Hamilton, Ontario, you'll find a breath of fresh air in this wonderful area that is keenly spread out to meet Lake St. Clair on the west border and Lake Erie to the east.

* Economy

For those thinking about economic opportunities, you'll discover that this area is widely known for its agriculture. As stated before, there are vast numbers of elegantly manicured farmlands in and around the entire area. These are the primary sources of income for the entire area. So, if you have an educational background in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, or vineyards, this particular area will make an excellent choice with regards to any of these selections. Moreover, this area is expanding so you will find new factories, manufacturing, and technology companies opening their doors in or around the area of Chatham-Kent, ON.

It's important to realize that when making a decision about relocating, this is a decision that doesn't come lightly. But it's also important to realize that when there is an area that interests you that can provide all that you need when it comes to purchasing a new home, your educational needs, and an economy that is on the rise, these are options you'll need to consider when making your decision. You'll find that the area of Chatham-Kent, ON will be able to provide you with everything required when it comes to your relocation needs. With this in mind, you'll be able to make the right choice as to where you would like to make your next home purchase.

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