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Riversdale is an older inner city neighbourhood located near the center of Saskatoon. It includes the business district of 20th Street and consists mostly of low-density, single detached dwellings. As of 2011, the area is home to 2,135 residents. Incorporated as a town in 1905, Riversdale was one of the three original settlements that merged to form the city of Saskatoon in 1906.

(photo by Julia Adamson)

Photo: Julia Adamson

The Roxy Theatre (pictured above) is a movie theatre located in the Riversdale neighborhood, built during the onset of the Great Depression. The interior was decorated in a Spanish Villa style with the walls covered with small balconies, windows and towers that gave the impression of quaint Spanish village. The ceiling was painted in an atmospheric-style (dark blue and had twinkling lights set in the plaster) to give the impression of the night sky. The Roxy was the first building in Saskatoon with air conditioning. The theatre was renamed in the Towne Cinema in 1974, a second screen was added in 1980. The Towne closed in 1995, but was purchased and restored by Rainbow and Magic Lantern Cinemas, and reopened under its original name in 2005.

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