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Silverwood Heights is the largest subdivision in Saskatoon by land area and population, which as of 2009, was just under 11,000 residents. The area has mostly single family homes with a few multi unit apartments and semi detached dwellings. Silverwood Heights is considered a middle to high income area.

The land that is now occupied by Silverwood Heights was originally owned by a number of parties. In 1911, the Silverwood Springs bottling plant was opened, using spring water found on the Silverwood farm. Saskatoon did not yet have a safe drinking water supply, and deaths caused by typhoid fever from contaminated well water were common. The natural spring water of the farm attracted the attention of a businessman from Chicago who took over the  bottling plant and intended to establish a brewery. While the brewery was never built, he also had plans to establish an industrial city called "Factoria" on the site. It was promoted as having abundant natural resources - water, limestone, sand and clay - to support a variety of manufacturing ventures. By 1913, several businesses had set up shop in Factoria, including a flour mill, a farm implement dealer, two brick factories, a hotel and restaurant. A CN Railway spur line had been extended to the site, and there were plans to incorporate as a village and to build a school and post office. However, the business owners were unable to pay for electricity to be supplied to the site, and by 1914 the economic picture turned sour. Outside capital (mainly from Britain) that fueled the prewar boom had evaporated in the lead-up to World War I. The grandiose dream of an industrial city had failed, and most of Factoria's businesses closed within a few years. The flour mill outlasted all its neighbours; it was purchased by the Robin Hood Milling Company in 1927 and reportedly operated until the World War II years. As the businesses of Factoria failed, the land around them reverted back to farmland. In August 1951, the Silverwood barn was struck by lightning and destroyed in the resulting fire. Remains of its stone foundation are still visible, located at the end of present-day Adilman Drive.

The City of Saskatoon gained title to much of the land by 1968, and formally annexed the land for Silverwood Heights between 1975 and 1979. The H. McIvor Weir Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in the neighbourhood in 1971. The majority of homes were constructed between 1981 and 1985.

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