Joan Hutchins

Joan Hutchins

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CENTURY 21 Heritage House Ltd., Brokerage*
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Why they call me "The Real Estate Lady" of the Woodstock area......

There are sales reps who love to find exactly the right home for their people, and I'm one of them!  I do understand the need for the funny little quirks, the nooks and crannies, the absolutely perfect garden or workshop.  Maybe I listen a little harder than some, maybe I understand because I'm just as demanding as any homeowner. 

In any case, I do try hard to find the perfect property, as long as it's perfect in the view of the client.  Sometimes it's a challenge, but because homes are where our hearts are, I know that it matters.

When there's a home to be sold, most of the time there are heart-strings being pulled, too.  Sometimes it's purse strings that are pulling harder, so that can throw a curve at us.  The thing about selling a home is that we must listen again. 

Funny how listening is how we become a successful sales representative, isn't it?   

I am a fiesty mother of 3, and grandmother of 5... a person who truly believes that there are no limits when the will is strong enough.  There is a way to get where we want to be.  The trick is to find the way!  I almost always find one.

I hope I can help you with your home buying or selling.  It's important to you.

People and stuff I LOVE !!!

My personal interests are so various.    My favourite is kayaking.  That's a good one because if ever there's an afternoon with no appointments, it only takes a few minutes to get to Paris, rent the equipment, and a day on the Grand River's one of the best!  I love to canoe, as well, but for that, I like the north and the call of the loon, so that's more like a week long trip.

In the winter I love to ski.  I hurt my knee a couple of years ago, but I think I'll try it again next winter.  When the grandbabies are around, I'm just as happy tobogganing, snow tubing.... I guess there's something about gravity doing the work.

I love to read.....  Every year I check out the "Giller Prize" winner, and the runners-up.  The "Canada Reads" list is a pretty good guide to good books, too.

When there's been a good year selling Real Estate, I travel.  I've been to Morocco, China, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands....... I've hiked Hadrian's Wall.  Next year I plan to spend some time in Curacao, at the bottom of the Caribbean with my kids.  We spent 3 years there when they were little tykes, so it will be fun to revisit....  It's fun to visit just about anywhere!  In another century (maybe the 1500's), I might have been an explorer, if they allowed women to explore.  Never mind; I'm doing it now.


But best of all is my family. 

Professional Background

I went back to work after 11 years of mothering at home, doing accounting for a lift truck company in Brampton, then moving on to a plastics recycling company.  When they bought a plant here in Woodstock, I came along, and have blessed the town since then.

In 1990, I wrote the exams, and got my Real Estate license.  I began working at Century 21 Heritage House, and have never moved to another outfit.  This company really does sell more real estate than any other in Oxford County, and we really do have the phone ringing.  That's what counts, after all.  We do huge advertising, and it pays off   

I love my job, and I'll keep on working until I can't.

Professional Interests

Going over the sales of homes in the past five years, it's noticeable that so many of the purchasers are retirement buyers.  It may be partly that I'm in the same demographic group, but I'm pretty sure that the city of Woodstock can take most of the credit.  Our "Seniors Centre" is excellent, and parkland is within reach everywhere.  It's literally a green town (well.... white in the winter), AND our Mayor is making plans to have our power provided off-the-grid by 2050.  So that makes the Woodstock of the future a green town in the other, more meaningful way.

I have a deep interest in the care for Seniors and their buying and selling of Real Estate.  I recently earned the "Accredited Seniors' Agent" designation.  The need for consultation with family is paramount; and help from a lawyer, a financial advisor, roofers, gardeners, etc. can all be organized to make life a little easier for the older people we work with.

This care is evident in my references.     

Woodstock and Oxford County

The gently rolling land in  Oxford County is fabulously rich.  The value of the farmland is the reason for the very close monitoring of any expansion of the hamlets, villages, towns and cities in the area.  It's the reason that new homes in the country have been so seldom available.  The land was used to farm, in order to feed people.  This was a simple, obvious situation.

However, recent developments in Oxford County may be changing this point of view.  With the coming of the huge new Toyota plant and many other manufacturing facilities opening here, the prized agricultural zoning has often been changed to industrial zoning.  Who knows what the attitude will be regarding expansion of residential needs!  We are in the midst of change.

When I moved to Woodstock in 1986, huge truckloads of straw and hay were often seen rolling through the centre of town.  I can't remember when I last saw that sight.  We must keep in mind that farming in this part of Ontario is mostly a business.  There are some small acreages used as "Hobby Farms", but not many.  Some folks dream of life on the farm as a cleaner, clearer way to live, and it  just may be that!

CENTURY 21® Awards

* CENTURY 21 Awards Criteria
  • 2016 - Masters Ruby
  • 2015 - Long Term Service Award
  • 2015 - Masters Silver
  • 2014 - Masters Silver
  • 2012 - Masters Silver
  • 2010 - Masters Silver
  • 2007 - Masters Ruby
  • 2005 - Masters Diamond
  • 2004 - Masters Emerald
  • 2003 - Masters Ruby
  • 2002 - Masters Emerald
  • 2001 - Masters Ruby
  • 2000 - Masters Club
  • 1999 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1998 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1997 - Masters Club
  • 1996 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1995 - Masters Silver Club
  • 1994 - Masters Silver Club


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