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Whether you just purchased a home or you are looking to redecorate the one you already have the difficult question also remains - What colour should I use to paint? After speding hours in the your local paint store or hardware shop and about 100 paint samples later you still have not chosen one! Discouraging as this process is Century 21 McGuigan Pepin would like to provide you with some insight from experts Colin Mcallister and Justin Ryan.


Soft tones, according to certain colour therapists, can aid relaxation, so their use in the Hotel Missoni makes clear sense as part of the welcoming strategy. Employed in an adult bedroom, soft blue can soothe and calm, whereas in a junior domain it may even help focus the mind. Tip: try darker variants, such as indigo, in home office nooks or studies to promote concentration.


Ah, lovely red, long since a C&J favourite. Use whenever a big bold statement is required. Due to the commodious proportions of the Hotel Missoni, red plays a huge part, but go easy at home; use it sparingly as an accent rather than a dominant feature. Tip: bear in mind that mood can change according to shade. Midtone burgundy, for example, will promote appetite and conversation (making it particularly appropriate in dining rooms), whereas terra cotta and brick are perfect if you hope to create a rustic, earthy atmosphere.


Yellow energizes and has been shown to increase metabolism, although it can agitate if the selected tone is overzealous. In kids' rooms we're reminded to use softer tones; Super Nanny Jo Frost (we shared a U.K. agent for some time) maintains that babies cry more in bright yellow nurseries. Accordingly, slide down the shade chart towards pastel shades.


We love tangerine but, like many other commentators, have become fatigued by its overexposure since it claimed Pantone's colour crown last year. In selected application it can be wonderful, but take a tip and do as we do and set the juice loose via artwork, glasswares and ceramics rather than full wall coloration.


Redolent of the forest, green can be very calming. Some colour analysts even suggest that green will help relieve certain symptoms of depression and anxiety. Tip: our fave tones are muddy lime, olive and sage. All look wonderful in a variety of applications from bedroom to bathroom and kitchen.

What will your next colour be?

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