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Well hello everyone

I volunteered this weekend to campaign for Pug Angles, a non-profit group active in STOPPING PUPPY MILLS.

We attended the annual woofstock at the St. Lawrence Market.

With such a HOT weekend, there was a lot of people out walking their beautiful dogs & many understood what puppy mills are about & where very eager to support us.

I was surprised how many did not know or understand that not buying a "puppy mill" puppy was enough??

I feel education is very important for us to succeed in helping these unfortunate animals.

The term "Puppy Mill" describes a breeding operation in which dogs are repeatedly bred for financial gain and are kept in substandard conditions. Puppy mill dogs are often confined to small cages for their entire lives and commonly suffer from various infections and parasites. A puppy mill cannot meet the needs of a dog and is a form of cruelty.

These substandard conditions and non-scientific approach to breeding, often leads to chronic health and behavioral problems in the puppies. These problems can result in high vet bills and emotional stress for the dogs' owners & high earnings for some vets who thrive on your emotions at such a time.

The puppy mills sell primarily to retail pet shops (PJ's), usually via a broker, but occasionally sell directly to individual consumers. Dogs are bred solely for profit (Amish groups), with no concern for their physical health or psychological well being. Most are disease-ridden; all are force-bred continuously. Often uses "Kennels" or "Farm" in its business name. Dogs' and puppies' are usually in squalid living conditions are off-limits to the public. http://www.nopuppymillscanada.ca/mill.htm

We had a successful weekend but again, this is only a start.

I have decided to join this organization and support it with not only donations from my commissions, but also to volunteer my time to help.

I have links on my web sites that explain the abuse and cruelty to these beautiful companions we call family. Please do take a look and if you want to donate you may by emailing pugangels@rogers.com or visa@istar.ca

Lets work together & help these unfortunate animals NOW...Thank you!

Joann Visaretis

Joann Visaretis

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