Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

As Real Estate Agents and with social media on the rise, it’s important to realize the impact your networking skills may have on your business and brand development.We would like to share with you ways you can maximize your professional image, attract clients, rank higher and increase your home sales.

Here at Century 21, we believe in sharing news such as local events, cool places to visit, what’s going on in our communities, and communicating with our valued clients.Our advice for real estate agents would not be complete if we failed to mention social media marketing.

Since relationships are key to your success in this business, it is still unquestionably essential to network with potential prospects and clients in a face-to-face environment. Today, social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter) are fundamental tools for every real estate agent.

When you are just starting your Real Estate Career, social media can assist you in growing your buyer and seller networks swiftly.Not only will you build client relationships, you can do this at low costs with social media. Be sure to set some time aside each day to connect with your social community.

If you don’t have the time to market your business professionally, find a local social media marketer to take the burden off your shoulders. Provide your followers with valuable and well-written content sure to attract their attention and utilize strategies to covert these followers to viable leads.

Social media is an excellent way to connect with your local clients and further boost your real estate marketing efforts.This helps build trustworthy relationships while sharing your marketing through friends of friends and so on.

Tips from Century 21 for Facebook & Twitter:

Facebook Business Page

  • Set up a Facebook Page. Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your real estate services. Why? It lacks professionalism and a business page has more functionalities.
  • Design an eye-catching Cover Photo – or have a professional graphic designer create one for you.
  • Post about Your Communities. Show off your listings.
  • Post about Events in Your Neighbourhood.
  • Engage with Contests.Contests and sweepstakesdeliver an incredible way to create more engagement on your page, while also giving you a chance to have fun with your fans.
  • Post Your Listings. Yes, use Facebook to post your listings!

*But remember the golden rule! (80/20) For instance, post 80% of your content about lifestyles, customer interests, local events, other business owners and post 20% about you and your product/listing’s.

Twitter Page

  • Tweet Questions.
  • Tweet Local News.
  • Use Hashtags. On Twitter, using hashtags gets your tweets seen by more than just your followers.
  • Tweet about Charity Events.
  • Use Contests, Sweepstakes and Group Offers.

Combine your Twitter content with your real estate listings. For example, include info about your places; add bright appealing images of your houses, apartments, condos and so on.

Now you have it, get started and join the social media-networking world.

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