Spring is the busiest time of year for the buying and selling of Real Estate. Although there are buyers at any given time of the year, the inventory for homes is at its highest between March and June. This is great news for all the buyers who have been, perhaps, a bit discouraged at the homes on the market between December and February but what does it mean for sellers? It means more competition to get your home sold quickly and for the best price.

There are 5 easy tips to follow as a seller in the Spring to make sure you get what you're looking for from your home.

1. Renew Your Curb Appeal: Spring is about everything new. The cabin fever from being holed up all winter has worn off and people are outdoors and taking in all the smells and sights that only comes with this wonderful change in seasons. Make sure your home reflects this on the outside. Get rid of the debris that winter leaves behind, power wash or paint your exterior walls, doors, shed, fence, plant some flowers and cut your hedges. Try driving (or walking) down your street and look at your home the way potential buyers might look at it. You need to nail that first impression, especially in this busy season.

2. Tantalize the Senses: When potential buyers enter your home they should feel the season. Open up all your drapes to let the sunlight in from all corners. Open up windows if it's a warm day to get rid of the musty, dry, cooped up feeling from the winter months (although close them before you leave to have the house shown). Put vases of fresh cut flowers in key rooms of the house such as the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Make sure the home is free of winter dust too.

3. Bring It In The Backyard: If you have patio doors that lead to your backyard, make sure they are spotless and free from smudges. Make your backyard inviting. If you have a deck, power wash it or paint it to allow those buyers to step out into their potential oasis. Again, trim hedges, paint fences, haul out and clean your patio furniture and BBQ's. This will allow buyers to see what their life can be like when they purchase your home.

4. Work With A Realtor: Realtors have access to the buyers, plain and simple. Upwards of 84% of home buyers do in fact work with a Realtor to find their homes. If you're going alone to list your house, you are eliminating a lot of potential buyers coming through to see it. Also, Realtors front all the money for advertising and promotion of your property, including through MLS, advertising, open houses and more. It may not seem like a lot, but a lot of work and finances go into marketing a home properly and to targeted, and most importantly, qualified buyers. They also have the tools and expertise available to them to help guide you into making the most important decision - pricing your home properly. Interview some agents and see which one seems like the right fit for you and your home. It goes a long way to making a quick sale at the best price.

5. Depersonalize: Of course this is still your home and it should be comfortable for you to remain in it until you sell it. However, you also have to think about the buyer. The potential buyers that come in should feel like it's their home and they should have the space to be able to picture their family pictures on the walls, their furniture and heirlooms everywhere. They can't do that if all the wall space and cabinets are filled with yours. So remove some of the family photos, tuck away the china and knick-knacks and take down the diplomas. This can go a long way to helping the imagination of the buyers flow.

For more tips or if you would like to receive a free market evaluation of where your home fits on today's market, I'd be happy to help you out.

Joanne Kovich

Real Estate Representative, Century 21 Choice Realty

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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