Be Careful With Credit


In this age of computer information, very little that we do financially remains unnoticed.  If you have just qualified for a mortgage and bought a new home, your credit rating and financial situation is probably pretty healthy.

That approved home purchase may attract unsolicited offers of credit.  Be careful with these!   You undoubtedly have stretched yourself a bit financially to afford this new home - you don't want to stretch until you snap!  There can be a temptation to charge all sorts of things that you want in settling into your new home - that new barbecue, patio set, hot tub, hardwood floor, etc. etc.

Don't give in to these tempting purchases if it means running up bills.  After all, you purchased your new home to enjoy -- not to sit in while you chew your nails and worry about bills!

Jo-Anne Larre

Jo-Anne Larre

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