Buyer's and Clean Offers


There are times that you find the perfect house - your dream house - but there is a snag.  The owners' are asking more than you can pay.  It is still worthwhile making an offer and there are ways of increasing the chances that the ownere' may accept your lower offer.

The first thing is to minimize any aggravation to the owners.  You do this by making a "clean" offer.  A clean offer is one in which you don't put in a lot of conditions or demands on the owners.  If the owners are aware of minor repairs needed on the home and have anticipated that they may be asked to do certain things as part of selling their home, you immediately lower the "aggravation level" for the owner if you overlook the  "small stuff".

Another thing you can do is offer to have the deal close on the date that is most convenient to the sellers.  Money in their pocket may not be the only motivating factor.  They may be motivated also by the thought of an easy transition out their present home and the move into a new one.

I can help you with tailoring your offer to appeal to the sellers!


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