Chattels & Fixtures

   Once you find the property that you want to buy, it's time to write an offer.  An offer, once accepted, becomes a legal contract.

One area of the contract which can be open to misinterpretations or disagreements is what constitutes a fixture(which is expected to remain in the house when the present owner vacates) versus what is their personal property or chattel (which can or should be removed). 

Essentially, anything that can be picked up and moved off the property is personal property and the owners' are entitled to remove it.  There may be items on the property that you wish to make sure the sellers' remove - such as piles of lumber or old vehicles.  Make sure you specifically state in your offer that these items are to be removed.

Fixtures are objects that are permanently attached and are the most open to disagreements.  Make sure that your offer specifically states that items such as appliances, hot tubs, lighting fixtures and even window coverings are included if you would like to keep them.  You may also wish to include the ride-on lawnmower, snow blower or other equipment that you may need to maintain a property.  The sellers may or may not be willing to let these items be included in the selling price.  If the seller doesn't want to include certain items, such as stainless steel appliances, in the sale price - don't let them become your focus.  After all - you would be mortgaging second hand appliances!!

On occasion, you many find that an item that was included in the purchase price has been damaged.  At yourhome you will find some suggestions to deal with such situations.


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