Don't Forget the Grounds

                                           The investment you make in time, effort and money on the landscaping of the grounds and surroundings of your home not only  enhance its value when you decide to sell, but contributes much to your enjoyment of the property during your own residence there.

Often, the pride you take in yard maintenance and improvement encourages your neighbours to do the same and has a positive effect on the value of homes throughout the neighborhood.

Sellers are aware that an attractively landscaped setting means that their home will sell faster and bring a better price when it goes on the market.  Attempting to pay last minute attention to enhancing the appeal of your listing can be expensive -- especially if the task is large and you need to bring in professional help.

Shrubs, tress and similar plantings cost less to obtain and look better if they are purchased as seedlings and nurtured over time.  Some items -- a neatly clipped, living hedge, for example -- can't be added as a last minute feature at all.  Habitual attention to work of this nature well in advance of the sale means bigger profits all around.

Jo-Anne Larre

Jo-Anne Larre

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