Easter Foods

    Wherever Easter is observed, just about the most favourite celebratory food is chocolate.  This is true in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain France and even Malaysia.  In Malaysia, Easter isn't generally a big festival since it's a Muslim-majority country.  Still children there delight in all kinds of chocolate treats.  In Spain, people celebrating Easter enjoy the beautiful chocolate sculptures that can come in the form of a princess castle or a pirate ship, as they do in Catalunya, in northeastern Spain.

But Easter isn't just about sweet treats.  In Brazil,many follow the tradition of not eating meat on Good Friday, even those who aren't very religious.  They have some kind of dish made of cod fish - the salted and cured version, Portugese style which is very popular, even though prices go through the roof making it very expensive for the average Brazilian family to follow tradition.

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