Easter Traditions - Easter Egg Hunts and The Easter Bonnet Parade

 Easter is celebrated around the world in a surprising variety of ways - with traditions like chocolate bilbies, wooden rattles, cod fish and bonfires.

Easter Egg Hunts are probably on of the most popular Easter traditions.  They take place in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil and the Philippines, where parents hide eggs and sweets - usually outdoors - for their children to find.

The Easter Bonnet parade is a tradition shared by Australia, the United Kingdom and The United States.  Australian children go around school and up and down the streets wearing hats decorated with bunny ears, chicken designs, Easter eggs and chocolate.  British Children often make wide-brimmed hats decorated with spring flowers, while "the bigger, the better" describes bonnets worn by American Children.

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