Easter in Africa

  In Africa, Easter is celebrated as a main function of the Christian communities.  In the Easter Vigil hundreds of people assemble in the church building.  In most parish churches the Easter Vigil is anticipated, because there are no lights, usually beginning at 3 p.m. and finishing at dark around 6 p.m.

The church is decorated by kitenge and Kanga, clothes made up in the form of butterflies, flowers, banana tree, etc.  Christian hymns are accompanied by the beating of drums and kigelegele, the high pitched sounds made by women.  After the Mass, the traditional dances are held outside of the church.  Then people return home to continue their celebrations with local food and drinks.  In some parishes, the people remain around the church after Mass and sit in their small Christian communities to continue the celebration of eating and drinking, as ceremonial dances and entertainment continues around them.

In Africa, Easter has a social dimension as well as a spiritual one.  At Easter families come together.  They share special food with Christians and Non-Christians indulging in boiled or roasted rice with meat or chicken. 

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