Exterior Preparation Checklist


OVERALL APPEARANCE:   Remove any junk or clutter from the yard.  This includes tree limbs and leaves, but especially goes for junk cars or parts, lawn tractors, etc.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:   If the exterior of the house is dirty, powerwash it.  If it is in need of paint, get competitve bids if you can't do it yourself.

GRASS:   If possible, reseed any bare areas of the law.

LANDSCAPING:   Trim all shrubbery and plantings.  Trim trees if necessary, especially dead bran  ches.

DRIVEWAY:   If the driveway is asphalt, consider resealing it. 

DECKS AND PORCHES:   Powerwash and seal, stain or paint.

GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS:   Check gutters and downspouts to make sure they are clear and functioning properly.

LIGHTS:   Make sure that all exterior lights are operational.

LANDSCAPING:   If the season is right, plant colorful flowers where appropriate.  Add mulch to planting beds and around trees.  An inexpensive but very effective way of freshening the look of the yard.






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