Fantuz Flakes


It's a foregone conclusion that the best football fans in the CFL are Saskatchewan Rider fans - Where "green" is so much more than a colour!  Rider fans are everywhere ... In every province and territory in Canada, in the Continental United States, in Hawaii, Mexico and the rest of South America, Europe, Iran, Iraq ... the list goes on.

We can toast our team with Rider whiskey poured into Rider glasses while we wear our Rider gear from watermelon headwear to t-shirts, to huggies to socks.  We can show our adoration and support for our Riders with flags mounted on our houses, flags waving from poles in our yards and attached to our cars. Oh! ... and don't forget to pick up your Rider license plates from SGI.  We season our food with Rider salt and pepper shakers, put our toothpicks in Rider toothpick holders.  We can even own a part of our team by purchasing Rider Shares Series 2.

How much better could it get? Well ... it does!  Yesterday a new way to support our Riders was announced in the Saskaton Star Phoenix.  As of July 29, 2010, for a limited time, Co-op stores across Saskatchewan will help us celebrate our "Rider Pride" at our breakfast tables with "Fantuz Flakes"!

Can anyone imagine a better start to our day? Enjoy!

Go Riders Go!


Jo-Anne Larre

Jo-Anne Larre

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