Feng Shui House Colours and Elements

Using the various Feng Shui colours is the easiest method for producing the different types of positive energy, which translate into marriage, health, prosperity and other things that are directed by Chi.  Light is quite important when working to produce good Chi. 

Several colors embody the various natural elements.  Various shades of these specific colours can be used in Feng Shui home decorating. 

  • Wood Element - Various shades of brown and green
  • Water Element - Black or blue
  • Fire Element - Red, orange, deep yellow and even angry, dark purple
  • Earth Element - Light browns and yellows, and sandy shades
  • Metal Element - White and gray (silver and gold sometimes falls into this category)

There are two cycles that rule the five elements - the destructive cycle and the productive cycle.  During the productive cycle, you will see the water element nourishing the wood element, which could then be used to create the fire element.  Then the fire element burns, which brings about the earth element, which in turn forms the metal element and then feeds back to the water element.  This cycle continues to revolve.

The colour of these elements represent and boost characteristics like recognition, health and prosperity.  You'll also find that certain directions deal with elements directly.  For instance, the wood element has to do with the East and Southeast.

Feng Shui decorating is all about creating a flow of energy that bodes well in the work or living area.  This means that particular colours should be used that go along with the elements of that particular direction.  Some colours can be pleasing naturally and may be used outside of their elements given that they are all part of the same cycle.  For instance, red is the color of fire and represents an energizing Chi.  If you have an unfavourable configuration within your house, negative Chi can be turned around by the colour red.

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