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Most of the land for the Adelaide/Churchill neighbourhood was annexed by the city between 1910 and 1919, with the remaining southern piece annexed between 1960 and 1969. It was originally comprised of two sections: Victoria Park to the north of Ruth Street and Park Adelaide to the south. The two were developed as Churchill (north) and Adelaide Park (south) - with Ruth Street as the dividing line - but were combined into a single neighbourhood when the city redrew its neighbourhood boundaries in the 1990s.

The layout of the streets reflects the urban planning philosophies of the day when the land was developed. The north part of the neighbourhood, developed Post WWII, follows a traditional grid pattern. The southern part of the neighbourhood follows the typical residential design of the 1950s - a modern system of curving residential streets, feeding into collector roads that connected to arterial roads.


There are currently two schools in the neighbourhood: St. Phillip School, which is part of the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division, and Hugh Cairns V.C. School, part of the Saskatoon Public School Division.

Interestingly, Hugh Cairns V.C. School was opened in 1960, named after Hugh Cairns (VC), a Canadian soldier from World War I whose hometown was Saskatoon. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the British Commonwealth's highest award for bravery in battle. Coincidentally, the school is located on Cairns Avenue; however the street was actually named for local pioneer John Cairns, not the soldier.


Adelaide/Churchill is federally represented by Lynne Yelich of the Conservative Party of Canada, first elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Provincially, Adelaide/Churchill overlaps two constituencies. Most of the neighbourhood is within the boundaries of Saskatoon Eastview currently represented by Corey Tochor of the Saskatchewan Party. The northwest corner lies within the constituency of Saskatoon Nutana represented by Cathy Sproule of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party.

In Saskatoon's non-partisan municipal politics, Adelaide/Churchill lies within ward 7. It is currently represented by Councillor Mairin Loewen.


  • Meadowlark Park (3.1 acres)
  • Adelaide Park (5.2 acres)
  • Churchill Park (13.4 acres)

The Adelaide/Churchill Community Association exists to represent the educational, recreational, and social needs of residents, to promote a sense of community and enhance quality of life in the area.

Commercial development is limited to the northwest corner of the neighbourhood, where the Churchill Shopping Centre sits on the corner of Clarence Avenue and Taylor Street. This strip mall, opened in 1957, has the distinction of being the oldest shopping centre in Saskatoon.

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