Neighborhood Profiles - 2015

The City of Saskatoon recently released their "Neighborhood Profiles" publication giving us interesting facts and statistics for 2014. For example,based on the information in the 2014 publication, is is estimated that our population grew to approximately 260,900 in 2015 and that the city encompassed 7,156.9 acres with a total of 107,424 residences. Home ownership comprises 66.3% of the properties with an average sale price of $351,679. Saskatoon has continued to welcome many immigrants to our City and, therefore, the variety of nationalities and number of languages spoken has continued to add to our diverse population. After reading the Star Phoenix's article "Saskatoon still a 'quilt of neighborhoods'" you can browse the complete publication at

This 2010 aerial photo shows Saskatoon's The Willows neighbourhood.

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Jo-Anne Larre

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